The Georgetown Conferences Program is the subset of the IRC that organizes and competes in Model UN conferences at other universities around the country and around the world. As the representative of Georgetown on the Model UN circuit, the program strives to embody the substantive knowledge, excellence, and passion for Model UN that the IRC as a whole embodies.

Members of the traveling team have the opportunity to travel as part of a school delegation to conferences hosted by other universities. In the past, the team has traveled to Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, and even Australia to participate in political simulations that range in size from 15 member crisis committees to 300 member general assemblies. While participating, members of the team learn vital skills in public speaking and politics, gain knowledge about a wide variety of contemporary and historical topics in international relations, and have a fantastic time connecting with members of our own team and other teams on the circuit.

The team is always among the most competitive in the world, winning the prestigious number one ranking from Best Delegate for three semesters in a row. The conferences program is run by the elected Conferences Coordinator and the selected Conferences Staff who oversee the group on trips and make decisions regarding the program. In addition to traveling, the program stages a series of training conferences throughout the year, including the All Georgetown Model UN Conference (AGMUNC) and GU-GW with George Washington University. The Conferences Program is proud to represent the IRC at home and on the circuit as it provides Georgetown students with the opportunity to share and grow in their love of Model UN and international relations.