The Georgetown International Relations Club is proud to present the Georgetown Diplomacy and International Security Conference in its fourth edition. As an interactive multi-panel conference, GDISC provides university students and other policymakers from around the DC area a chance to connect with prominent individuals within the foreign policy community. At its core, the conference promotes the goal of enhancing students’ understanding and awareness of the issues facing the global community both now and in the coming years. Participants of the conference have the opportunity to engage with a plethora of experts, policymakers and prominent scholars in the security, diplomacy, and economical fields. The structure of the conference is designed to maximize the participants’ ability to interact with the experts in attendance and engage in a constructive dialogue with the goal of enhancing their understanding of the issues at hand.

In addition to the spring conference, this November, we will be inviting students from across the District of Columbia and the surrounding area to the second high school edition of GDISC. The high school conference introduces the world of international relations to DC students in a Georgetown University atmosphere. Students have the opportunity to hear from notable professors from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, attend workshops that discuss crucial issues in today’s world, and participate in a crisis simulation.

For more information please email us at and visit our website.

Bret Perry
GDISC Coordinator