Member Spotlight: Randy Crooks (SFS ’13)

by Jessica Lawson, SFS ’14


What have you done in the IRC?

For the past three years, I’ve served on the Special Events Sub-board. Now, I am the Director of Special Events for the IRC and I absolutely love Estaff! Last year, I served as the Director of Programming for NAIMUN XLIX. My time in NAIMUN was monumental within my experiences in the IRC as I was no longer producing events for 20 or 150 college students, but instead for over 3000 high schoolers from across the world.

What has your most life-changing experience been in the IRC?

I’d definitely say my time as Director of Programming for NAIMUN XLIX. Throughout the weekend, my deputy, Jen Zink, and I planned Embassy Visits, Pentagon Tours, Committee Speakers, State Department Briefings, and, most importantly, Hilltop Madness. Hilltop Madness is a really special component of NAIMUN; it’s a time when 3000 high school students can experience the magic of Georgetown. We coordinated dance and acapella groups coming to the Hilton to perform on Friday night of the conference. In addition, many Georgetown clubs come and table at the conference to promote their organizations to any incoming Hoyas. For many high schoolers, NAIMUN is the reason why they apply to Georgetown. So you can only imagine how I felt standing on top of the stage, with Jen by my side, as I led our biggest event during the conference. It was a time when I realized what I had accomplished and won’t ever forget that feeling of a job well done.

Favorite event you do?

I’d say the spring formal. It’s the culmination of all the yearly programming for the IRC so it is usually larger than our fall formal. It is also an opportunity for us to give back to charity while enjoying time with our friends in the club. Last year, we had a cherry blossom themed formal and donated the proceeds to help Turkey. While we haven’t finalized plans for this year’s event, I can promise you it will be epic!

Who’s your favorite international leader, past or present?

Jacques Chirac- he was one of the visionaries behind the founding of the EU. Throughout my time at Georgetown, I’ve focused on the European Union and Economics and will graduate with a certificate in European Studies. Last summer, I actually interned in the Committee on Economic and Monetary affairs in Brussels at the EU. It was a great experience as I was able to see in action everything I had been studying for the past three years.

What’s your favorite class?

My favorite class would be America’s National Security Toolbox with Madeline Albright. What other school has a former Secretary of State on faculty? Not only was the content intriguing, but she’s quite a character. Class involved listening to her stories of her adventures working at the UN and in Clinton’s administration. The discussions were enlightening and hilarious; she’s pretty sassy. One day in class, she asked us what we thought the United States should do in Syria. Like a good SFS student, almost everyone answered economic sanctions. Yet, after asking four people in a row and receiving that answer, she replied, “MAN you guys are a bunch of wimps! NO ONE wants to invade at all?” That is why I love Madeline Albright.

What else do you do on campus?

I’m a member of the Board of Directors of the Blue & Grey Society of Tour Guides. Also, my Georgetown experience would not have been complete without my three years of serving as a New Student Orientation Advisor.

If you had to date one, would you choose a realist, liberal, or constructivist?

Ohhh a liberal. I like dating people that play by the rules. I’d want them to listen to the rules of institutions, just like the IMF and World Bank. Maybe I’d tie their hands a few times, too, by enacting unpopular policies. I like people who do what they’re supposed to do in the game of dating.