Hoyas Take on the West Coast

By Theresa Lou, SFS ’14

As a freshman sitting in an IRC General Membership Meeting two years ago, I was greatly inspired by the many possibilities of being on the Model UN travelling team. This year, however, Georgetown took on battles out on the West Coast and attended UC Berkeley Model United Nations (UCBMUN) for the first time.

Having grown up in San Francisco, I was extremely excited to be back in the land of perfect weather, amazing sights, and cheap, authentic Chinese food and bubble tea. The team seemed to have shared my enthusiasm as we spent four to five hours walking through downtown San Francisco upon arrival. My feet were in a lot of pain by the end, but the pride and joy of being in San Francisco with my fellow Hoyas managed to compensate for the blisters.

theresa1View from a hill Dane and Nursultan raced up, one of them being barefoot.

Part of the reason why the Conferences program had wanted to expand to the West coast was to experience first-hand the Model UN culture on the other side of the country (and to grab In-N-Out Burgers, but more on that later). I think it was largely beneficial for us to break out of our comfort zones and experience a slightly different set of parliamentary procedure, intense pat downs at social events, and understand the importance of position papers at certain conferences. Yes, position papers are actually a thing that needs to be taken seriously.

More importantly, however, I think the experience of having taken on a pioneer adventure to the Golden State really brought the team closer. I do not just mean the eight people who were fortunate enough to attend the trip (one of them being Mr. Sam Brothers, who conquered the Atlantic Ocean to rejoin his teammates for the weekend), but the Georgetown team as a whole. We always stress that the team is, above all else, family. To quote Toby Ziegler, “we win together, we lose together. We celebrate and mourn together. And defeats are softened and victories sweeter because we did them together.” Though we only brought eight people on the trip, I am confident that this successful first step provides hope and inspiration for the entire team. At the end of the day, I think that’s what this trip to San Francisco was about.  That, and In-N-Out Burgers.

556807_546029142104436_1899953825_nFirst time attendees walk away with Best Small delegation. Not too shabby in my book. 

theresa3Nursultan taking a picture of Taylor taking a picture of me being the stereotypical person who takes a picture of her food. 

theresa475% of the team

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