Outsourcing IT Security to China

by Jessica Lawson

With the magnitude of outsourcing that occurs on a daily basis, why not outsource IT security while we’re at it? Compared to Western countries, the price of labor is much cheaper in the Asia-Pacific region, and their IT education systems are developing quickly. Already, China and India, home of plentiful quantities of cheap, English-speaking labor, occupy almost 80% of the global service outsourcing business. However, India is much cheaper than China; and (let’s face it) who really trusts China?

Chinese security firms have the potential to become top destinations for IT outsourcing. These firms have significant support from the government and a giant pool of talent due to strong university programs. These factors allow China to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Why would anyone choose to outsource their IT security to China? Most discussions in the media concern the threat of China and how other countries should be fearing their rise. Chian is known for pursuing its own interests above all else and has a terrible intellectual property rights record. Additionally, the United States Congress has categorized Huawei, ZTE, and other major Chinese IT firms as security threats. Why not choose countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, or Vietnam, with lower prices and strong-enough educations?

In order for China to attract the business it hopes to, they will need to accomplish two goals. One, security firms must demonstrate that customers will receive superior quality. Two, they must also lower prices or use their quality to justify a higher price. While not absolutely necessary, companies looking to outsource IT security to China should analyze firms’ history with non-disclosure agreements. If IT companies can prove these two measures, then maybe you might want to look at China to outsource your IT security work.