IRC Winter Formal

Looking to put a little more mystery in your life? Searching for the fire to your ice, or vice versa? Want a chance to dress up and pretend you’re like the cast of Gossip Girl?

Join the IRC for our annual Winter Formal event. This year’s theme is Fire & Ice: A Masquerade Ball. Dress to impress for this formal event, as all attendees will receive a mask in lieu of a ticket that they will be required to wear. Mai Thai will be catering the event, and you can rock out to the tunes of DJ Johnny Shea all night long.

Tickets are $15, and we’ll be tabling in Red Square from 10am to 5pm, November 26th-December 6th. All proceeds will go directly to A Phone is a Start; a charity founded by our very own IRC member, Erin Cawley, and dedicated to providing cell phones to the local DC homeless population.

NON-IRC MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND, so feel free to invite your friends or ask that special someone from your econ class to join you. On second thought, when has anyone ever found love in an econ class?